Subunits with Four Transmembrane Domains

These principal subunits contains four putative TMDs (M1-M4) and 2 P domains (P1 and P2). Structurally, these principal subunits have a predicted membrane topology as if they consisted of two spliced Kir subunits. Whereas the 6TMD and 2TMD principal subunits are thought to assemble as tetrameric proteins to form functional channels, the 4TMD subunits are thought to dimerize, thereby retaining the four-fold symmetry around the central pore.

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Last updated: March 9, 2003
Based on data as published in: Coetzee, W.A., Y. Amarillo, J. Chiu, A. Chow, T. McCormack, H. Moreno, M. Nadal, A. Ozaita, D. Pountney, E. Vega-Saenz de Miera, and B. Rudy. Molecular Diversity of K+ Channels. In: Molecular and Functional Diversity of Ion Channels and Receptors, edited by B. Rudy and P. Seeburg. New York: New York Academy of Sciences, 1999. [Download PDF file]